Here you will find some of our most frequently asked questions and answers

Do you own a kennel? No we are a small hobby breeder. Our dogs and puppies live in our home and are loved and cared for as our pets.

How long have you been breeding French Bulldogs? 12 years

Do you have references ? Yes I can provide references from my vet as well as other puppy/dog owners.

Can you hold a puppy while I talk things over with my spouse/family? I am sorry without a deposit a puppy is technically available and may be sold at any time. Bringing a French Bulldog puppy into your home is a big commitment and also not cheap. It is important that all members of a family are on board with this so please have this discussion prior to contacting me.

Are your dogs AKC registered? Absolutely 

Are your dogs health tested? Yes they are.

How many litters do you have a year? On average 2-4

Do you offer financing? We do not offer financing or payment plans.

Do you offer a health guarantee? Yes we offer a one year health guarantee on all puppies.

Do you typically have a waiting list? We almost always have a waiting . See pricing/process for details.

Do you own the parents? Yes parents are on site.

Are puppies health checked and current on shots/other preventatives? Yes all puppies are examined by a vet and receive their first set of shots at 6 weeks of age. They are also dewormed several times. New puppy parents are provided with a record booklet containing all this information.

Are your puppies socialized? Yes our puppies are very well socialized as they are handled daily by myself and children. They are also well acclimated to other dogs in our home as well as our cat.

Are puppies potty trained? Our puppies are potty pad trained when they go home. I educate all new puppy parents how to utilize the potty pads as a training tool to housebreak their puppy and have had great success with this approach over the years.

Do you allow interested owners/families in your home to see the environment in which they are raised? Absolutely once a deposit is placed on a puppy I welcome owners into my home to meet their puppy. A picture/copy of an ID/driver license may be requested prior to the appointment.

Why are French Bulldogs so expensive? Reputable breeders invest a lot of money into their breeding program and health tested breeding dogs. Frenchies are not natural breeding/whelping dogs. There is a lot of cost that goes into a breeding which includes hormone testing, artificial insemination, stud fees, ultrasounds, puppies are born via c-section, and a large part comes from the countless hours we invest in caring for mothers and puppies as most are not ready to take action until sometimes 2-3 weeks after puppies arrive, if ever since they miss out on the free whelping experience. Puppies are born via c-section because it is the safest route due to the puppies large sized head and shoulders they have a great risk of becoming stuck in the birth canal which can lead to their death, the demise of other unborn puppies, as well as the mother. 

Do you sell older puppies or adults? Most of our puppies are spoken for at a very young age so it would be a rare occurrence we'd have an older puppy available. In order to have an active breeding program we do place our spayed retired females in loving pet homes. Often these homes are with family/friends. In the event I offer to place an adult outside of my personal circle the process is as followed: a phone interview/screening must take place, followed by a meet and greet in my home, and finally followed by a home visit at the home of the interested party. My dogs and puppies will only go to the best homes!

Do you offer full rights on your dogs? I prefer my puppies to go to loving pet homes with a limited AKC registration. Under very specific terms and conditions would I consider allowing full rights on a dog. In the event that I approve there is an additional fee for breeding rights.

Do you offer extended support to your puppy families? Absolutely my door is always open to my families no matter how many years go by. I love staying in touch and receiving updates!

I would like to select my puppy based off personality. Is that possible? Individual personality does not usually start to show until around 6 weeks of age. Most often my puppies are spoken for by then. In the event I have an available puppy that is 6 weeks you are welcome to meet them.

I have a dog and I'm considering a second is it possible I can introduce my dog to the puppy to see if they get along before taking the puppy home? No. Taking on a second dog should be a very well thought out decision and commitment. A relationship between two dogs can take time to grow. It is important for the owner to feel confident in their decision to expand their furry-family and be willing to take any/all necessary actions to assure a healthy transition. I will offer guidance with this. Introducing a new puppy to an adult dog in an unfamiliar territory is not a comparable scenario that can replicate how things will go at home. Also I will not risk the safety of a puppy in this type of scenario.