About Us


A little about myself

My name is Scarlett. I am a married working mom of 7 great kids. I've worked for a large Healthcare corporation for almost 20 years now. I have always had a strong maternal spirit and desire to love and nurture almost any living being. This has led me to believe that my greatest joys in life come from my children and pets. I feel most satisfied and happy when caring for others.


Where it began

As a child my mothers best friend raised and showed English Bulldogs and Great Danes. We'd spend weekends with her helping out with the dogs and puppies. I remember feeling like the luckiest kid on earth as I would snuggle a chubby little Bulldog covered in rolls. We had the privilege of owning one and that was it, I was hooked on anything with a flat squishy face that snorted. I knew I'd be a Bulldog lover for life and would always have one by my side. 


My first Frenchie and the beginning of a new journey

My children were growing a little older and I had wanted another Bulldog for years. First and foremost as a pet, however I knew I had a desire to possibly show or breed so I set out on a very specific search. I went to dog shows, asked vets for referrals , searched classified ads, and called many breeders unloading tons of questions. Finally after 9 months of searching I found my first love Black Betty aka BB she was perfect. As she matured and with approval from my vet I decided I would breed her. I had developed a close friendship with a fellow breeder and handler that offered to mentor me and help me understand the complexity that is involved with breeding French Bulldogs as they are a man made breed and there is nothing natural about their existence. I have since built a small breeding program and feel very honored and rewarded each time I send a puppy home to their new family as I know they will experience the same love and happiness that this breed has brought me for years.


Our Commitment

I have a passion and love for this breed that only one will truly understand once their heart has been claimed by a French Bulldog. I am committed to producing the healthiest happiest puppies so that others can share in the joy that my Frenchies bring to me. As a breeder I assume responsibility for my puppies and their future to the highest degree and I am committed to assure they have nothing but the best forever home and future. A puppy may leave my home but they never leave my heart. My door is always open to my puppy families for extended support in any way that I can offer. I have a lifetime of experience and knowledge that I am always willing to share.